Legends Talk About Trying Not To Bury The O.C.

WWE’s RAW Reunion show saw DX get together to backup Seth Rollins and face down The Original Club. The plans were supposed to be for them to support Ricochet and put him over, but Ricochet’s injury prevented that from being possible.

When talking about it, Scott Hall and X-Pac revealed that they felt that they would be burying The O.C. and were not too happy about it.

Scott Hall said that the reaction in the room was that it was not fair to them. Thankfully the plans were changed and the outnumber O.C. just had to retreat instead.

“What people don’t realize is that everybody in that room when it was presented to us said, ‘Well, geez. Kinda burying those guys.’ It was addressed and it was overruled.”

Scott Hall

X-Pac added that they could not just refuse the program.

“We said it. It’s just like … what’re we gonna do? Say ‘No, we’re not gonna do it?”


Finally, Scott Hall felt that it was a wasted opportunity as if Ricochet had been fit, it would have helped him to get over.

“It was the perfect spot for him because we could’ve given the rub to him. Yeah, you bunch of haters, it was gonna be Ricochet and we were trying to elevate him.”

Scott Hall

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