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Matt Hardy And Chris Jericho Talk About WWE Talk-Shows

Matt Hardy And Chris Jericho Talk About WWE Talk-Shows

AEW Superstars Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho had a chat on the Talk is Jericho podcast and talked about how they had similar ideas for a talk-show shot down by Vince McMahon. Hardy said that he had an idea for a talk-show called “The Broken Block”, where he would help underutilized Superstars get more screen-time.

McMahon reportedly shot down the idea and it never made its way to WWE programming. Chris Jericho chimed in and said that he had a similar idea for Talk is Jericho, but Vince McMahon change it up on the fly.

“Why don’t we do Jericho’s Junction where every week like a Piper’s Pit, we bring out underutilized stars whoever they were at the time. I’ll lead the interview. We’ll get the people over. We’ll get them to do interviews and connect with the crowd.”

Chris Jericho

He then went on to talk about how his first guest was Goldberg, then Scott Steiner followed by The Rock. Vinnie Mac is obviously not interested in using talk-shows to get wrestlers over.