Matt Riddle Reacts To Goldberg's Win

Matt Riddle Reacts To Goldberg’s Win

Matt Riddle Reacts To Goldberg’s Win

In the most controversial decision of the day, Goldberg defeated the Fiend after four Spears and a Jackhammer at WWE Super ShowDown. It was a good match, with Goldberg looking good, but The Fiend never got into it.

The decision left the world shocked, as it was not expected that Goldberg would actually get the title, but there are already rumors out for why this happened.

With Roman Reigns now having finished with King Corbin, this will enable him to have a feud with Goldberg, where if he defeats Goldberg, he won’t be saddled with the responsibility of having taken away The Fiend’s winning streak.

On the other side of things, The Fiend could face John Cena, who is known now for putting over other stars, and could come out looking stronger than ever before.

With Goldberg’s win, there has been a lot of fan outrage and some fans have even cancelled their WWE network. Matt Riddle has also reacted to Goldberg’s win at Super ShowDown. Surprisingly, Riddle didn’t really throw any shade. Check out the post below.

Matt Riddle Reacts To Goldberg's Win
Goldberg details his game plan for defeating “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

1 thought on “Matt Riddle Reacts To Goldberg’s Win

  1. I very rarely get genuinely upset at pro wrestling. But, Vince has made a mistake so egregious, it’s upsetting. WWE spent so much time building up Bray Wyatt as this unstoppable monster. He was by far the best character in the company. And, in one nite for some stupid reason, they totally killed The Fiend character. It’s time for Vince to go. He doesent know wrestling anymore. We now have two part-time world champions that aren’t going to defend those belts and frankly, we have two world champions that can’t wrestle. Brock knows one move…one move. Goldberg never knew how to wrestle. He completely embarrassed Undertaker and now he has the belt. Vince should be ashamed and embarrassed at the product he’s putting out. Please retire, old man, we want to see some young new stars. Something he knows nothing about. Horrible.

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