Naomi & Alexa Bliss React To The Negative Reaction From The Crowd

This episode of RAW saw a lot of negative reaction from the crowd during the women’s match. The Fatal Fourway Elimination match which feature Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya, and Carmella. The winner of the match was to receive a match against Becky Lynch at WWE SummerSlam.

The match was overly wrong, however, the crowd reacted very harshly. They chanted ‘this is awful’, ‘CM Punk’, ‘Boring’, ‘We want Sasha’, ‘We want Becky’, and more.

Natalya won the match. After the match, the Superstars reacted to the reactions. Alexa’s comment was ‘Just Disrespectful.’ While Naomi put up an emoji to reflect her feelings of what she thought of the crowd.

Alexa Bliss retweeted this tweet

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