Naomi Reveals Reason Why She Hasn’t Been On TV

Naomi has been a WWE mainstay. The former Funkadactyl won crowds and WWE management with her high octane and athletic offense and later a relatively cool gimmick where she uses her dancing talents and glow in the dark lights for her entry. Her WrestleMania 33 entrance proved how captivating she really can be with a gimmick.

Naomi Reveals Reason Why She Hasn't Been On TV

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion hasn’t been on WWE television since July and this has left many wondering why. She took to Twitter to let the fans know why she hasn’t been on television lately.

“I’ve faced some trying times the past few months…losing a loved one so dear to me (rocked me to my core) & handling my own health issues I wasn’t aware of forced me to slow down & reevaluate…I want my loving fans to know that I’m ok and will be back when the time is right .”


It doesn’t appear that she will be returning anytime soon, but her husband and brother-in-law are expected to return this week on SmackDown.

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