Original Finish For The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins

Original Finish For The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins

Although the finish of Hell in a Cell has been rather badly received by the WWE Universe, it was not the original plan. It appears WWE wanted the match to end with Wyatt taking a bump from the top of the Hell in a Cell. However, for some reason this did not happen. He was supposed to rise and finish Rollins despite that, with the match, however, being ended before that.

“The finish of the match was from McMahon, obviously. His idea was always that he wasn’t beating Wyatt this early, but wanted Lesnar, Rollins, Lynch and Flair as the four champions going into the draft and the new beginnings. The original idea for the finish was that Wyatt would take a gimmicked bump off the top of the cage and be unable to continue and the match would be stopped. Then, after it was stopped, he would pop up like Undertaker and take Rollins out with the mandible claw.”

Dave Meltzer

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