Paul Heyman Did Not Want Jerry Lawler On Commentary?

Paul Heyman Did Not Want Jerry Lawler On Commentary?

With the addition of Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin on RAW, Paul Heyman wanted a completely fresh look to the commentary team. However, Vince McMahon was not happy with that and wanted the addition of Jerry Lawler as well.

“It was Paul [Heyman’s] idea to put Vic and Dio on Raw. Apparently, what I was told, Vince [McMahon] said, ‘You can’t throw these two new, young guys on our flagship show. Call King.’ That’s how it happened.”

Jerry Lawler

Dave Meltzer revealed on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Paul Heyman did not want Lawler on commentary.

“Didn’t want Lawler, but Lawler is in there right now, but Lawler’s temporary. There’s another guy and I don’t know who it is, it might be Nigel. If I was gonna… you know I don’t know it’s Nigel, but if I read the tea leaves right I would think if it were my guess it would be Nigel. Nigel’s great so, but [Heyman] wanted a whole new announce team.”

Dave Meltzer

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