Paul Heyman Trying To Stop Rusev From Leaving WWE

Paul Heyman Trying To Stop Rusev From Leaving WWE

WWE Made Lana A Promise

Paul Heyman Trying To Stop Rusev From Leaving WWE

Lana is one WWE Superstar who has been featured a lot on WWE television recently, with her storyline with Bobby Lashley, Rusev, and most recently Liv Morgan being highly publicized.

However, it appears that WWE has made a huge promise to Lana recently. They have apparently promised her the storyline and to make her a star when she was sitting down with them to discuss a new deal with the company.

The 5 year contract was signed by Lana in November, and ever since then she has been a big feature on TV.

However, WWE also offered this deal to Rusev, but it appears that the Superstar was not as eager as Lana and is yet to sign a new deal with the company.

Paul Heyman Trying To Stop Rusev From Leaving WWE

Paul Heyman Trying To Stop Rusev From Leaving WWE

One Superstar who is obviously not too happy in the company at the moment is Rusev. While he was featured well in the Bobby Lashley-Lana storyline, he has not really been booked well during his time in WWE. It appears that he has been thinking of leaving as he has not signed a new contract with the company and now it is Paul Heyman who is doing his best to convince him to stay. Tom Colohue reported that Heyman is working on getting Rusev to reconsider his decision.

“Rusev has been very honest. He’s worn down his contract, if he’s unhappy, he has the option to go, and there would be nothing stopping him from doing that. He’s been very professional throughout the whole process. Since Paul Heyman took over on RAW, it’s been a mission of Paul Heyman to convince Rusev that it is worth staying with the WWE. Whether he’s been successful or not, we’ll find out soon. But when it comes to how much RAW has improved, if anyone could convince someone, it’s Paul Heyman.”

Tom Colohue

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  1. Storyline for Rusev`s WWE career future must be seriously lacking following his WWE characters belittling cheated on, subsequent marriage divorce. Vince and co rode that embarrassing debacle of a story till it gave no more.Reminded me of Moxley`s description of his own belittling WWE storylines he reluctantly carried out that contributed to his ultimate departure with “no love lost”.Rusev no doubt along with other WWE stars languishing in the background obviously are “green with envy” observing AEW rosters stars personal freedoms to control own destiny, less demanding schedules and room to randomly adlib to storylines to suit!Poor barstads must feel “contractually imprisoned”, intellectual property deprived like stale rabbits waiting to be pulled out of Vinces imaginary hat if not just used to “get up and comers over”, maybe a “lil push” for a dust off to prove he/she aint dead..yet, breached wellness policy, arrested, suspended or just found their way up Vinces dusty old grumpy ass//*\\.I hope Rusev gets out leaving FruitLoopyLana with Opie eyed crank yanker.”ShuutUp Lana”Boonana!

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