Randy Orton Caught Saying N-Word On Twitch

Randy Orton Caught Saying The N-Word On Twitch

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE superstars that we have ever seen. Almost a 20-year veteran of the company, Orton is by far one of the longest tenured wrestlers with the company. Orton’s contract is up next year and there is speculation on whether he will re-sign or not, but we do know that he has taken a step back as he doesn’t wrestle every week.

Randy Orton is coming off a feud against Kofi Kingston, where failed to win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam and Clash of Champions.

Randy Orton Caught Saying N-Word On Twitch

Orton recently called out The Rock for a match at WrestleMania 36, which is a dream match for many. It will be interesting to see if The Great One will accept the challenge.

Call of Duty

Randy Orton was on Twitch playing Call of Duty and he brought up AEW, where he praised the company.

“That AEW looked f*ckin’ cool, huh? You watch that show last night?”

Randy Orton

“Yeah the show started… it’s that big show feel, that big match feel. Cody and Sammy Guevara… that kid can do some sh*t. I’d love to work with that kid, we’d have a good match.”

Randy Orton

“I thought that opening the show with that match was a good idea and well received.”

Randy Orton

That wasn’t the only controversial thing he said, as he also dropped the N-word on live stream. Randy Orton caught saying the N-Word in a live stream, check it out in the clip below.

Randy Orton goes on Twitch once:
Video of Randy Orton caught using the N-Word
Randy Orton praising AEW on their debut show on TNT

The stream has now been removed because of the language. What do you think about this situation? Also, do you think WWE will punish Randy Orton for this?

9 thoughts on “Randy Orton Caught Saying The N-Word On Twitch

  1. No he shouldn’t be punished. Everybody says nigga these days. Nigga is the new “dude.” Anyone who finds this racist is the real problem.

    1. FOH
      White ppl cant say nigga for ANY reason he prolly gets away with that bullshit in WWE locker rooms because there are no Black Killers in there
      If Bad News Brown or Ron Simmons oreven Mabel were still around I GUARANTEE he would get his teeth knock out the very next day any one of those 3 would have crossed him.
      Just because some dumb clowns let you punk ass white boys say that shit in front of them BEST BELIEVE that shit is not reality
      Most likely you would get treated like the bitch you are in the REAL world.
      Just because yall STEAL everything Black ppl do doesnt mean that its ok for you to steal that and say it
      Blood was spilled and lives were taken because of WHITE PEOPLE and its association of nevativity based strictly off if skin color
      Why dont you walk around and call yourselves CRACKAS or OFAYS or TROGS or even CAVEBOYS that some shit you can steal from us and use but THAT would be too much like right.

  2. I’m not offended. He didn’t direct his comment to anyone like Terry did. I’ve learned ALL races use this word to address one another. Now if he was referring to somebody specific we can see an issue.

  3. Every asshole that says this is no big deal should be beaten with a black jack within an inch of their life. Then skinned alive and dipped in honey and buried in an fire ant mound.

  4. If Orton is punished (which he shouldn’t be) then shouldn’t Vince McMahon be punished by his sponsors for saying it on live TV in front of Booker T as he said “TELL ME HE DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT?!”

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