Real Reason Bayley Turned Heel?

One of the biggest issues that the character of Bayley has faced over the years, is that it has often been the case that WWE’s main roster has not been able to handle her properly.

However, it appears that no longer will be a problem. On this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Sasha Banks was attacking Becky Lynch. Bayley chose that moment to put her foot into the play of things.

She took the chair away from Sasha. It appeared that she had come to stop Sasha from assaulting the RAW Women’s Champion, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, it was Bayley who happened to turn heel. She turned and used the chair to attack Sasha Banks, ending RAW with her beating down the prone Lynch.

The reason for Bayley’s heel turn appears to have emerged. According to reports by Cagesideseats, the reason that Bayley turned heel was to help Liv Morgan.

Turning Bayley heel leaves room on the card for a face woman, and it appears that the company is preparing to push Liv Morgan.

When it comes to Bayley, it appears that there are plans is place to split up the Horsewomen for a huge reunion later. This could mean that they join forces to face a bigger problem – aka the MMA Horsewomen of Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir.

“Bayley’s actions from last night’s Raw triggered speculation about Liv Morgan being pushed as a face challenger on SmackDown, and that there’s a long term plan in place to split the NXT Horsewomen for a big reunion moment down the road.”


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