Reason Why Becky Lynch Has Been Taken Off TV

Reason Why Becky Lynch Has Been Taken Off TV

Reason Why Becky Lynch Has Been Taken Off TV

WWE has reportedly reduced Becky Lynch’s prevalence on WWE programming to ensure that fans do not get tired of her act. This is honestly music to everyone’s ears because WWE has a long history of over-exposing its top stars to a point where fans turned against them. Lynch is just too important to WWE from a marketing point-of-view to become another ‘divisive’ babyface, so her taking some time off is probably for the best.

It was telling that Lynch was absent as Charlotte Flair lost to the Kabuki Warriors in a 2 on 1 Handicap match. WWE wants fans to pop when Lynch comes out to make the save, which makes a lot of sense. According to reports coming out of Dropkick DiSKussions, The Man will be defending her Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka at Royal Rumble next year.

WWE has been building to this feud for the last few weeks, with Asuka spitting green mist in the champion’s face and the makeshift team of Lynch and Flair failing to take the Women’s tag-team championships off the Kabuki Warriors. The tag titles match at TLC will continue the build to the Royal Rumble. The match is bound to be a fantastic one, considering the fact that Lynch and Asuka are a couple of the best performers in the company. The fact that Lynch has never defeated Asuka sweetens the pot even further.

Becky Lynch still has one debt to collect: Raw Exclusive, Dec. 2, 2019

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