Reason Why Enes Kanter Won The 24/7 Championship

On this week’s episode of RAW, Enes Kanter won the 24/7 Championship for a brief time before it was stolen from him by R-Truth again. It appears that the reason he got it was because of his relations backstage. According to Meltzer, unless something had changed, he was the boyfriend of Dana Brooke. He is also good friends with Paul Heyman.

“Enes Kanter, a lot of people don’t know this but, I don’t know because I haven’t been keeping up but he was, and as far as I know, still is the boyfriend of Dana Brooke unless they have recently broken up. And he’s also, really like, really good friends with Paul Heyman. So, him being on the show and doing something like this was, you know, with Heyman running the show and everything, that made all the sense in the world.  He’s a big, big wrestling fan. He wants to do pro wrestling. You know like one match at some point. You know like a lot of athletes do. Well, he’s still around in the NBA, and I don’t think it’s a good move as I don’t think the teams would be really appreciative. This was probably about as much as he was going to be able to do at this point.”

Dave Meltzer

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