Reason Why Samoa Joe Didn’t Turn Face

This week saw Samoa Joe almost turned, but ultimately the turn did not happen. As a result, the fans were left questioning why it had not taken place after last week Joe helped Reigns after the assault by the car. They said that the main reason was so that he would not be cheered yet, as they plan the turn at a certain date in the future.

“So, this is the deal: They were in Toronto, they knew that Sami Zayn was going to get this incredible pop. That was the last thing that they wanted. With this gimmick, they didn’t want Sami Zayn getting this incredible pop and one of the things is they had Samoa Joe call him Kevin Owens’ waterboy and all that. They knew that people will go crazy for a Samoa Joe turn. Basically they are not going to boo Samoa Joe when they first turn him because everyone wants him to turn but they don’t want him to turn yet. So it was to keep Sami Zayn from being cheered, and Samoa Joe just had to do that and then turn right back because even though they know people are going to cheer for him like crazy, they may turn him at some point, this is not the week they wanted him to do that. So that’s the explanation.”

Wrestling Observer Radio

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