Reason Why Sasha Banks Returned To WWE & Attacked Natalya & Becky Lynch

After WrestleMania, one of the biggest stories in wrestling was the absence of one of the biggest women’s star in the WWE, Sasha Banks. With rumors that she had been upset over having to drop the Women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania, Banks allegedly refused to perform for the WWE and started demanding to be released from her contract. Her social media saw her making increasing amounts of references that she would want to go to AEW or some other wrestling promotion and that she was done with the WWE. After her reported request was denied, everyone assumed that she would be doing what Neville and CM Punk did and what Luke Harper is doing right now by sitting out the remainder of her contract. However, all of that seems to be unfounded as Banks made her triumphant return to the WWE on the latest episode of Raw where she introduced a steel chair to Becky Lynch and Natalya’s back. Repeatedly. So, here is the Reason Why Sasha Banks Returned to the WWE.

Sasha Banks became Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Bayley at Elimination Chamber, but before they had time to do anything even remotely useful with it, they dropped it to Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, who themselves did nothing for their reign with the belts. Banks’s Tag partner Bayley became SmackDown Women’s Champion, while Banks sat out for a couple of months without any real injury. In the meantime, Becky Lynch made multiple successful defenses of her Raw Women’s Championship, and was in the middle of a title rematch against Natalya when Banks returned. Banks first took out the only woman to graduate from the Hart Dungeon and then annihilated the champion, sporting new blue hair. This also meant that Banks was returning to being a heel for the first time on the main roster since her debut.

Banks return is probably a very simple conundrum to unravel. Banks was very open about why she wasn’t on TV, and that’s because the company wasn’t treating her the way she wanted to be. She had sacrificed a lot of her main event time for the likes of Ronda Rousey and Charlotte, so she felt disrespected by the company. The women’s tag title debacle didn’t help the case either. However, it seems WWE realized that they cannot let a talent like Sasha Banks slip through the cracks and sat down and worked something out to make her return to the company. This is why Banks is most likely heading straight into a feud for the Raw Women’s Championship against arguably the top star in the entire company in Becky Lynch. Also, a Becky and Sasha feud running opposite a Charlotte and Bayley feud on SmackDown is a very poetic affair and something that the WWE will point out some day or the other.

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