Reason Why Shane McMahon Hasn’t Been On WWE TV Lately

What happened to Shane McMahon after the Best in the World trophy win is something no one has enjoyed. We have sacrificed wrestlers like The Miz to the Shane McMahon project and we ruined a few months of Roman Reigns with this man too. He is genuinely loathed, not in the quirky ‘heel heat’ type, but genuinely as someone who is tanking the ratings.

Shane McMahon went from being on RAW and SmackDown every week to not being on TV now. Dave Meltzer revealed the reason why he hasn’t been on WWE TV lately.

Meltzer: “The writers haven’t had anything for him.”

Alvarez: “Nothing for him? He was in the middle of a giant storyline with Kevin Owens. He vanished. How do you have nothing for him?”

Meltzer: “Vince is the guy that’s been writing the show and he’s forgotten about him.”

Alvarez: “He’s forgotten about his son?”

Meltzer: “He forgot about his son’s angle, yeah. He hasn’t been on.”

1 thought on “Reason Why Shane McMahon Hasn’t Been On WWE TV Lately

  1. I love Shane i just wish they didnt do that crap with the miz and made Shane turn to a bad guy smh when his music hits it was awesome now he gets booed I dont like it #Herecomesthemoneyherecomesthemoney.moneymoneymoneymoney money

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