Reason Why The Undertaker Returned

The Undertaker returned to the WWE yet again on the latest episode of Raw. The legendary wrestler has been wrestling intermittently for almost 30 years now. The Deadman is giving a big middle finger to Father Time with his presence inside a wrestling ring still. If he could, he would wrestle into his 60s, but right now the public opinion on his returns seem to be changing. While you cannot judge ‘Takers wrestling career based on all the titles that he won, you can judge it on his long lasting influence and enduring popularity. Even if the public may not want to see an almost immobile Taker wrestling at shows where he is clearly out of his depth now, ‘Taker returns give the loudest pop of the night and will surely pop a big rating. His recent return on Monday Night Raw was definitely surprising, as ‘Taker reserves his appearances for the big shows and the big pay check Saudi Arabia matches. We are the Wrestling Hub and today we will be looking at Why The Undertaker Returned on Raw?

We got the same rinse and repeat segment between Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns as we usually get. They both talked smack to each other and then Reigns got beaten down by McMahon and McIntyre in a 2 on 1 attack. A quick reminder that this happened on Raw while Reigns is a SmackDown superstar, but the weird wildcard rule isn’t of importance here. While the beat down ensued, a familiar gong rang out over the arena. Shane McMahon was perched on the top rope ready to hit Reigns with the coast to coast, but ‘Taker appeared inside the ring and hit McMahon with a pretty weak choke slam. He clotheslined McIntyre our of the ring and celebrated inside.

This clearly happened so that WWE can pop a rating. There is no other reason. On a night where they are competing with the NBA end of season awards, they weren’t going to get a lot of viewers. While sports heads into it’s off season, WWE need a way to be viable to TV consumers. They have nothing to compete against, so they’ll try and attract the casual fan back to the programming. Undertaker is a name that cuts through mainstream pop culture in the world, so any hint of him having returned to the ring means that old-time viewers will tune in to see what ‘Taker will be doing now. I also would’ve speculated that ‘Taker is going to join Reigns and face off against McMahon and McIntyre in a Tag Team match at extreme rules, but WWE beat me to the punch by already announcing the match as official. Why is a match like this happening? God knows, but we can expects Reigns to carry this match to its finish with ‘Taker probably getting a hot tag and probably getting the final pinfall. It’s time ‘Taker raises the curtain on his career.

Do you agree with us? Should The Undertaker retire before damaging his legacy like other wrestlers? Let us know in the comments below.

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