Reasons Why Rowan Attacked Roman Reigns

On this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns had an interview with Kayla Braxton, and he was asked if he knew who attacked him, he said that he didn’t know who attacked him. Later in the show, Reigns confronted Buddy Murphy in the locker room about the recent attacks. Murphy told Reigns that he didn’t attack him and that he didn’t know who it was either. Then he went onto say that even if he knew who it was, he would never tell him. This resulted in Reigns attacking Murphy and eventually Murphy ended up giving up a name, which was Rowan. Reigns asked Murphy if Daniel Bryan was apart of it and he said that he only saw Rowan. This now has everyone wondering why Rowan attacked Reigns, so let’s check out some reasons why.

By putting Roman in dangerous situations, WWE was able to gets fans intrigued in the storyline. WWE’s creative team has struggled to create good storylines, but by having a mystery man attack Reigns, this helped them get fans interested in the product. With WWE trying to build interest for their second biggest pay-per-view of the year, they needed their biggest heel, Daniel Bryan. Also, the match between the two does not require a championship being on the line, because of the star power and the build of the feud.

The second reason is that Daniel Bryan got lost in the shuffle without an important feud. When Daniel Bryan lost his WWE championship to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania, Bryan missed weeks with an undisclosed injury. And when he came back from his injury, he entered the tag team division with Rowan and won the SmackDown tag team titles. When they held the tag team titles, they weren’t seen on WWE T.V. for weeks and when they were, they just didn’t do anything special. This caused Bryan to lose momentum that he had built up with his heel character.

WWE hasn’t confirmed a match involving Reigns, Rowan or Bryan just yet. And this is WWE’s way of getting fans to watch SummerSlam to see what happens. There is a rumor circulating that Samoa Joe is turning babyface and that he may team up with Reigns to face Rowan and Daniel Bryan. This may be WWE’s way of protecting Daniel Bryan because of his injury history. Also, this will help WWE continue this feud into WWE’s next pay-per-view.  

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  1. I hate those wrestlers who hate Roman Reigns…. I hate them seriously 😡😠. How can you go to that extent to knock a person who z in a car even if you don’t like him or her.

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