Rey Mysterio On His Mask And Facing Brock Lesnar

In a recent interview, Rey Mysterio talked about passing on his legacy by giving his mask to his son Dominic once he retired. He said he would be passing it on to Dominic and how much it meant to him.

“Most definitely. It cost me a lot of work and sacrifice to gain the respect of my uncle in order for him to pass on the legacy of the ‘Mysterio’ name onto me. I can’t even count how many times as a kid that I would cry, I was bleeding, I was injured, but I still worked through all of that to get back in the ring and do what I’m doing now. It cost a price to be who I am, and to be able to see my son grow up in a different style, but to see him grow outside of a professional ring and during his training stages, I see that it’s in the bloodline. For me to be able to share the ring and to have a match with him at my side, and just seeing his performance—not in the front row, but in the corner, standing next to him, waiting for him to tag me in—it’s something that once he told me he wanted to break into this business, I’ve imagined that moment ever since.”

Rey Mysterio

In 2003, Rey Mysterio had a feud with Brock Lesnar. Now, it appears that Rey Mysterio wants one last feud against ‘The Beast Incarnate’.

“Why not? I hit it off with Brock early in his career. Every now and then people will post on social media some of the matches we had, and we were doing some crazy things for that time. This was 2003, maybe? What you were seeing was unbelievable so I wouldn’t mind going back into the ring with Brock.”

Rey Mysterio

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