Roman Reigns On Not Getting A Title Shot

Roman Reigns was a babyface in theory, but was one of the most hated wrestlers on the entire WWE roster. His babyface shtick never got over and the fans never sympathized with him because they knew that he would always win. Heels that came up against him ended up becoming faces because everyone knew that the heel was the underdog and Roman was the unbeatable force. To sum it up, WWE really didn’t book Roman properly and his babyface work always came off as a heels.

This conundrum got fixed in probably the saddest way possible, but it did give Roman a complete U-turn for his character. His diagnosis of leukemia meant that he generated fan sympathy unlike most babyfaces. Everyone was invested in Roman’s recovery and his return in February gave him one of the biggest pops he ever received. WWE have done the right thing by slow building Roman to the top rather than have him straight in the Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns On Not Getting A Title Shot

One of the things that has changed for Roman Reigns since returning after battling cancer, is that he has not gone for title shots. Talking about a future title shot, Roman Reigns revealed that he no longer cared if he was fighting for titles or not.

“This is something that a lot of people complain about – me being in title matches. For me, just coming back, different perspective. For me, participation is somewhat cool enough for now, I guess. I just enjoy being out there. Whether there’s a title on the line or not, I just enjoy being in that ring and being able to be healthy enough to do my thing. So when the time’s right, we’ll get back in the title picture, but right now I’m just enjoying myself. Don’t rush me, man!”

Roman Reigns

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