Roman Reigns Reacts To Almost Being Hit By A Car

Another big update heading out of RAW is about the health of Roman Reigns. The Superstar has not been doing well recently.

Last week he was almost buried by scaffolding due to an error by the forklift operator whose identity still remains a mystery. This week it was almost worse for him.

An irate Samoa Joe was confronting Roman Reigns in the parking lot as Joe had been accused as the person who was trying to hurt Roman Reigns last week. He did not take to that well and denied it completely before confronting Roman Reigns.

Reigns was talking with him when a car came at them in the parking lot and narrowly missed Reigns as he dove into a car. The car hit the car that Reigns was in and he had to be helped out before he stumbled away from the scene again.

Reigns reacted to the situation on Twitter, where he said, “Definitely not an accident.”

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