Roman Reigns Still Not Back Full-Time?

Last year, there was a revelation by Roman Reigns that came as a huge shock to the WWE Universe. He revealed on-air that he was suffering from leukemia and that he was going to take time away from the ring to heal. It was expected that he might be away for a long time – possibly never return to the ring again at all.

However, the next year before WrestleMania, Reigns was able to make the announcement regarding his remarkable recovery and his return to in-ring action. Since then, he has been a force of nature, however, his matches have not been regular.

It appears, that while Roman is back, WWE does not want him to exert himself and he is not back completely. They want him in tag matches and matches which are few and far between, giving him time to recover properly.

“Roman still isn’t back full time completely. He wanted to be back straight away but WWE are happy to have him protected in tag matches or short matches spread out and big media appearances.”

Tom Colohue

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