Rowan Didn’t Attack Roman Reigns?

One of the major stories of this week’s SmackDown Live was the confirmation of Rowan as the person who had attacked Roman Reigns. Buddy Murphy blurted this out when Reigns was threatening him in the locker room. It could be that Rowan was following the orders of Daniel Bryan who has been intent on destroying Reigns.

However, it appears the Rowan might not be the final person who attacked Reigns. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Rowan is just one of the people in the discussion as being pointed out as the one who attacked Reigns. In the end, WWE is not yet sure whether they should fix on him.

WWE interviewed Daniel Bryan and asked him about the accusations against Rowan. Bryan denied the accusations and said that the only reason why Murphy said it was Rowan, it was because he was being attacked by Reigns. He then went on to say that Rowan had nothing to with this.

It is now being reported by WrestleVotes that WWE may look to have Murphy face Reigns at SummerSlam.

“There were discussions last night about adding Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy to the SummerSlam card after the angle that went down on SmackDown. Source said it wasn’t decided either way yesterday, but it remains a possibility as we get closer to the show this weekend.”


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