Rumors About Chris Jericho’s First Match On TNT

WWE have been on their toes ever since they found out that they now have competition this year in the form of AEW. Both companies have gone out of their way to take shots at the other, leading to some actual volatile competition between them.

This has included the signing of talent as AEW has looked to quickly sign WWE’s wrestlers, and has succeeded so far in signing Shawn Spears and possibly their best signing altogether so far Jon Moxley.

It appears that WWE is looking to prevent this from repeating again, but this time with the Latin American Xchange, better known as LAX. WWE has long followed the careers of Santana and Ortiz and have been trying to get them on board. Now, however, they are facing stiff competition from AEW.

It has been reported that now that Santana and Ortiz will be free agents, AEW is also interested in signing the duo, with speculation that they are the tag team that AEW is hoping to be partners with Chris Jericho in the TNT debut.

WWE is apparently trying to stop the move from taking place as they do not want AEW to get the talented tag team.

There is currently a rumor, that if LAX are not the mystery partners of Chris Jericho, there could very well be one man that is – PAC. Pac was unable to start for the company when he first wanted to due to contract issues. However, now, recovering from his injury, Pac is being rumored to be one of the partners for Jericho on the night.

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