Rusev Returns And Is The Father Of Maria’s Child?

The return of the night saw Rusev make his in-ring return, but it was not the return that any WWE fan had seen coming. In a gender reveal party earlier in the night, Maria Kanellis had revealed that she was going to have a boy. However, she then told Mike Kanellis that he was not the father, Ricochet was. Both Mike and Ricochet were shocked, as Mike challenged Ricochet to a match, slapping him.

Ricochet was able to defeat him without much trouble. Upon this happening, Maria made her way out to the ring to insult Mike for what he had done in the ring and not being able to defend her or win anything. She then revealed, she had lied about Ricochet, and it was Rusev who was the father of her son. Rusev made his way out to the ring and caught Mike, who was trying to escape.

The Bulgarian Brute was immensely destructive and hit a Machka Kick followed by the Accolade to pick up the win.

It should be noted that Rusev debuted his new look in the match as well, with a mustache and no beard. He was also extremely lean and looked chiseled.

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