Samoa Joe On The Working Conditions In Saudi Arabia

Samoa Joe recently opened up in an interview with, talking about the conditions in which he had been having the 50-Man Battle Royal Match at WWE Super ShowDown. He said that it was chaotic and the weather made things worse.

He said that the heat was such there could be no preparation enough to prepare for it.

“No, I do not think anybody ever has. It was a chaotic scene, let me tell you that in 101-degree weather and a lot of human body heat. It was quite the inferno in that ring.

That is the kind of heat you do not make adjustments for. You just realize it is going to suck really, really bad. You are going to have to grin and bear it. With the exception of maybe running sprints in a sauna, I do not think there is anything you can really do to prepare for that.”

Samoa Joe

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