Sasha Banks Returning At Extreme Rules?

Alexa Bliss is set on a course to be at WWE Extreme Rules as she is scheduled to appear in a match alongside Nikki Cross to compete for Bayley’s WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

With that in mind, there might be a few issues at the moment.

Alexa Bliss has been suffering from ‘one of the worst illnesses’ of her life for the past two weeks. She recently dyed her hair in preparation for the PPV, but it remains to be seen what role she will pay at Extreme Rules. She gave an update saying that she was better, so hopefully, she will be able to perform.

The other rumor about the same match is that Sasha Banks might be about to make her WWE return. She has been in the news for a long time with there being speculation about a rift between her and WWE.

However, with Cross telling Bayley to find a friend, this might be the perfect time for Banks to make her WWE return.

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