Scarlett Bordeaux Attacked By Fan

Scarlett Bordeaux has made a name for herself on Impact Wrestling and recently on the Independent Scene as well.

However, when it comes to respecting performers, it appears that at least one fan in Mexico decided to ignore basic etiquette. In a repulsive incident, when Scarlett Bordeaux jumped to the outside during a six-person tag match, she was groped by a fan as she was rising from ground. She was pulled away by her tag partner from the person, but what made the entire thing worse was that the security did nothing to prevent it from happening and did nothing to respond to it.

Scarlett later revealed on Twitter that she had no idea what was happening, and would have reacted differently if she had her wits about her at the time. She even pointed out that a character’s clothing is irrelevant and nothing makes it okay for someone else to touch someone like that.

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