Seth Rollins Hates The Wild Card Rule?

Seth Rollins has spoken out against the Wild Card rule in an interview, saying that it had muddled things up. He said that he could see a proper brand split being reinstated in the near future.

“I think once you see the move to Fox it’s really going to tighten down as far as best Wild Card options and stuff like. It’s really cool to see things come together now and get these cool match ups you might not get in October or November.”

Seth Rollins

He talked about why he never wrestled on SmackDown saying that there were wrestlers over there who needed the TV time more than him.

“RAW is my gig, man. SmackDown is fine, they have two hours. There are people on that show that need TV time. They have so many guys backstage that are starving to get the opportunity right now or they’re just sliding in on backstage vignettes or what have you. I’m not going to go over on their and take over segments every single week. They don’t need it they have a wealth of talent over there. Besides, I don’t want to deal with Shane McMahon more than I have to.”

Seth Rollins

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