Shane McMahon Fires Kevin Owens

Unfortunately for every WWE fan in the world, it appeared that the replacement of Elias was none other than Shane McMahon. Much like the Best in the World tournament, Shane inserted himself into the tournament following an injury to one of the participants.

Here, there was nothing new. Shane inserted himself into proceedings and decided to make the best of things as he tried to win yet another tournament.

Thankfully, he would be unable to do so.

Gable beat him once and pinned him with a German Suplex moments after the match started. Shane restarted the match making it a 2-out-of-3 falls. Shane tried to turn guest referee Kevin Owens to his side and made him cheat Gable out of several fair victories.

However, Kevin’s efforts would be in vain. Gable used the Ankle Lock on Shane McMahon, forcing him to tap out, thereby winning and proceeding to the final of the tournament.

After the match was over, Shane McMahon attacked Kevin Owens and fired him.

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