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Shawn Spears Happy In AEW Despite Not Being Used

Shawn Spears Happy In AEW Despite Not Being Used

When he made his debut in the company, Shawn Spears was making his mark in a big way, with his heel turn even leaving a mark on the back of Cody Rhodes’ head. The Superstar looked like he would be one of the top Superstars in the company going forward, but it turned out that he has not been used as much as the fans thought he would be.

Throughout his time in the company, he has been quite a good heel, but has not been the force that was expected, as he has lost almost every big match that he has had.

However, after having left WWE due to not getting enough tome to actually wrestle and be featured on the roster, Shawn Spears is more than happy with his role in AEW.

He said that he was very happy in his current position as he was able to not only wrestle, he was also running a school 4 times a week, he can also take any booking or interview anywhere in the world, and he also decided his travel and was able to spend time at home, something that he rarely got to do during his time with WWE.