Sonya Deville On How WWE Reacted To Her Coming Out

Sonya Deville came out as lesbian while working for WWE. She had only good things to say about how the company reacted to the news of her coming out.

“Being a part of the WWE, I am blessed to have a platform both on social media and TV, with that platform I am able to spread my message and share my story. Four years ago, I wasn’t even openly gay, then I came out on national TV on WWE’s Tough Enough. Although it caught me off guard and I wasn’t by any means prepared to tell the world my truth, the fact that it was public made me almost have to face my truth. The last four years since then has been a forever evolving journey of self-acceptance and now also helping others realize it’s okay to be whoever you are, and to love whomever you love.”

Sonya Deville

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