Spirit Squad Members: Where Are They Now?

Do you remember one of the goofiest stables in WWE history called The Spirit Squad? How can you not, as WWE continues to mention the team frequently during their segments. Coming out of WWE’s developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling the five-man team’s ring personas were like those of an all-male cheerleading squad. Let’s take a look at where the five members of the Spirit Squad are and what they are doing today.

#5 Kenny

Kenny from the Spirit Squad

Aged only 20, Kenny won one-half of the WWE world tag team titles along with the Spirit Squad. After the faction disbanded, Kenny was sent back down to OVW and later renamed Kenny Dykstra and returned to the main roster but was later released from his WWE contract in November 2008.

He then went on to work with Dragon Gate USA under his real name, Ken Doane and later switched to the Evolve promotion. After fighting on different promotions, Doane took part in Chikara’s 2014 King of Trios tournament, using his Spirit Squad character and teaming with Johnny and Mikey. On November 12, 2016, wrestling as The Spirit Squad, Kenny along with Mikey captured the NYWC Tag Team Championship from Hounds of Hatred (Boo and Bam Sullivan) at Firestorm 3.

In April 2017 at Ring of Honor, Kenny and Mikey unsuccessfully challenged The Young Bucks for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Kenny continues to battle on the independent circuit as a solo and a tag team competitor.

#4 Johnny

Johnny from the Spirit Squad

John Jeter, famously known as Johnny during his time with the Spirit Squad, returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling too and was renamed Jaden Jeter briefly before being released from his contract somewhere in January 2008. Following his release, he returned to school at the University of California State and earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. He continued to focus on his personal life and career building while continuing to train regularly.

In August 2014, Johnny joined his former teammates Kenny and Mikey to return as The Spirit Squad for the Chikara promotion. However, he didn’t stick around long as once again left the team after the trio was eliminated from the 2014 King of Trios tournament Johnny currently resides in California working for a management consulting group as an Internal Auditor.

#3 Mitch

Mitch from the Spirit Squad

After being released by WWE in May 2007, Mitch completely disappeared from the pro wrestling scene unlike his other buddies from The Spirit Squad. Instead, Mitch went into another branch of combat sports and began training for a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) under Rocky Long, a former mixed martial artist. On the side, in 2007 he and his girlfriend Torrie Wilson started a business together, a fashion boutique that they named “Officially Jaded”. He made his MMA debut under his real name, Nick Mitchell, on April 9, 2010, losing to future UFC star Derrick Lewis via second-round technical knockout.

Mitch was set to main event an MMA iPPV show on December 11, 2010, called Pure Combat III. Jason David Frank of “Power Rangers” fame and Mitchell were the two big stars announced for a night club show in Houston. Mitchell was then announced as being injured at the last minute. And just 20 minutes before the show was supposed to start it was canceled. Since then, Mitchell has not taken to the ring again as he was known to be very prone to injuries during his WWE tenure. He and Torrie Wilson separated in 2011, after which little is known about Mitch and where he is today.

#2 Mikey

Mikey from the Spirit Squad

Mikey did not venture far away from wrestling and continued to team with Nicky down in Ohio Valley Wrestling as part of The Frat Pack before being released from the company in 2008. Mikey and Nicky were living together in Florida during the time and continued to do so for some time to come before he departed for better opportunities. After his WWE release, Mikey returned to competing on the independent circuit and in an interview in December 2008, said he planned to wrestle in Mexico and Japan. He changed his ring name to Mike Mondo and competed in numerous promotions such as Ring of Honor, Chikara and the New York Wrestling Connection. 

NYWC proved to be the most successful promotion for him where he won a number of championships including the NYWC Heavyweight Championship three times and the NYWC Fusion Championship. He was inducted into the NYWC Hall of Fame in 2016.

#1 Nicky

Nicky from the Spirit Squad

Arguably the most successful member of the Spirit Squad, Nicky would later be repackaged as none other than ‘The Show Off’ Dolph Ziggler. After performing as a part of The Frat Pack with Mikey in Ohio Valley Wrestling once the Spirit Squad disappeared from television, on September 15, 2008, Nicky re-debuted on Raw as a heel, introducing himself in a backstage segment under the name “Dolph Ziggler”. Soon after he was suspended for 30 days due to a violation of WWE’s Wellness Program policy. However, this did not stall his progress and he managed to become one of the biggest mid-card wrestlers in WWE.

Ziggler managed to get into some high-profile feuds and was managed by quite a few different superstars which allowed him to develop his character to a great extent. Ziggler has now held the United States Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship on six occasions, and even the World Heavyweight Championship twice! Apart from that, Ziggler has made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian too, as he performs under his real name whenever he takes time off wrestling.

As of today, Ziggler has been signed to WWE for almost 15 years and has no reason or desire to part from the company anytime soon. His name will certainly go down in the WWE Hall of Fame after he retires from wrestling.

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