Stephanie McMahon Daughter Joining WWE?

Stephanie McMahon Daughter Joining WWE?

Stephanie McMahon started to disappear from WWE programming in the middle of the first decade of the millennium. Stephanie had started focusing on her duties as a mother. Stephanie had three different pregnancies, when she was off TV.

Stephanie McMahon Daughter Joining WWE?

Now it appears wrestling is truly in the bloodline when it comes to the McMahon’s. Recently, Stephanie McMahon was asked if she would encourage her daughters to carry on the wrestling legacy, she revealed that her oldest daughter, Aurora, has already begun training for he in-ring debut.

“My oldest daughter has already started training. And I would encourage them to follow their passion, you know, whatever they believe in, as long as they work hard at it. I believe in a strong work ethic and I believe they can do anything in the world they wanna do, but they’re gonna have to believe in themselves and work hard.”

Stephanie McMahon
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