The Fiend Attacks Kane & Terrifies Seth Rollins

In what was the best moment of the night, Seth Rollins battled Robert Roode in the main event of RAW. Just as Seth was about to win, Ziggler interfered. Ziggler and Roode beat down Seth, and The OC made their way out to the ring as well to attack the downed Champion.

As the 5 men were beating him down, a familiar sound was heard, as Kane made his way out from the back and attacked all 5 men. He cleared the ring easily, but then the lights went out.

The Fiend appeared behind him in a chilling scene, and then attacked him with the Mandible Claw. By the end, Kane was downed, and The Fiend was on all fours looking at Seth, who was whimpering in the corner.

Seth and Bray Wyatt are set to face each other inside a Cell at Hell in a Cell. 

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