The Fiend Bray Wyatt Headed To SmackDown?

The Fiend Bray Wyatt is easily the hottest thing in all of wrestling. Everything he has done has been golden and won every fan in wrestling over. He will soon be heading into a championship match against Universal Champion Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. While the two will wage war inside the cell, there is a different backstage battle that is being fought over backstage.

According to WrestleVotes, FOX wants Bray Wyatt on SmackDown but he will likely be staying on Monday Night Raw. This puts the hell in a cell match under question, as Wyatt winning means that he will be staying on Raw. Him losing will be shocking, but is the only way to send him to SmackDown. This is a confusing situation WWE have found themselves in and need to proceed in a way that they don’t irreversibly damage Wyatt’s character.

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