The OC May Be The Next Top Stable In Wrestling

Ignoring the beat down of newly minted Tag Champions Gallows and Anderson at the close of the show, their title win from earlier in the evening hinted towards something. WWE haven’t had an effective top heel stable in a long time. The only other stable that has succeeded in the WWE off late was the New Day, and now there may be a new one. With Styles as the US Champion and Gallows and Anderson as Tag Team Champions, we may be seeing a new dawn.

What is more effective than anything else in wrestling are wins and losses. If the stable can get a lot more wins and few losses, they instantly become credible and stand a threat. Ricochet May be a great opponent for Styles, but sacrificing him for the stables growth may be a good decision. Ricochet can be rebuilt, and the stables dominance becomes more effective. Just don’t have them get beat down by The Usos without it meaning something.

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