The Rock Secretly Retired?

The Rock was interviewed while promoting his move Hobbs and Shaw by Maria Menounos and one of the things that he was asked was if he missed wrestling. The Rock said that he had actually quietly retired from wrestling.

“I mean, no. I quietly retired from wrestling because I was lucky enough to have just a really wonderful career and accomplish what I wanted to accomplish, but there’s nothing like a live crowd, a live audience, a live microphone as you both know. Plus, I grew up in wrestling. For a lot of you guys that don’t know, my grandfather wrestled, my dad as well, my whole family. And I actually had my very first match ever in the WWE, was in Madison Square Garden and it was a big pay-per-view, and it was funny because I credit my time and my journey in pro wrestling to getting me to where I am at today.”

The Rock

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