The Wyatt Family Almost Had A New Member

Original Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family were a cult-like group of backcountry misfits who aim to terrorize their opponents with relentless brutality and voodoo-like phrases sung by their leader, Bray Wyatt.

As a unit, they are horrifying, the maniacal verses of Bray Wyatt are well complemented by the large, imposing stature of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

At the height of their dominance, the Wyatt family had it all. Strength, speed, and unruly characteristics that separated them from the pack.

Adding Daniel Bryan

The Wyatt Family even brought babyface Yes-man Daniel Bryan into the fold. Someone in the WWE office seems to really think Daniel blends with scary monsters? First Kane, now the Wyatt family. Maybe it’s his beard.

This did not work at all. It felt awkward and forced, and it was very clear that the WWE Universe wasn’t on board. This stable only lasted a few very short weeks before Bryan found his way out of the group.

Adding Braun Strowman

Eventually, the Wyatt family did find a much more fitting member in the Black Sheep, otherwise known as the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.

Almost adding Luchasaurus?

The Wyatt Family Almost Had A New Member

It was recently revealed that there could have been another wrestler that could have been in the cult-like group. It appears that Wyatt was very impressed by Luchasaurus and that he wanted WWE to sign him back in the day. Speaking with fellow AEW wrestler Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho podcast, he revealed Wyatt’s interest in him.

“I remember Bray Wyatt said, ‘I love this name man, this is cool’ and he wanted me to get into his group when he first started it, but they had already solidified what they wanted in there, but it was perfect for his kinda thing.”


It would have definitely been interesting to see if Luchasaurus being in the group. Do you think it would have helped or hurt the cult?

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