Triple H On If The WWE Draft Will Include NXT

Triple H talked about NXT being a part of the draft that’s coming in the next few weeks. He admitted that RAW and SmackDown were the main focus, although NXT had moved to USA Network. He said that down the line that was something that he expected would take place.

“I think everybody is going to have to wait and see. I don’t foresee that being something. I think that right now, the main focus of the draft itself is RAW and SmackDown as October 4th comes along and moves forward. With FOX broadcast taking SmackDown and staying with our partners at USA and NBCU, those become two very competitive landscapes. I’m of the opinion that the NXT brand will continue to grow and I think that down the line, you will see. As much as I will say right now, NXT has grown to where it shouldn’t be referred to as a developmental brand even though we tend to debut newer stars.”

Triple H

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