Triple H On Main Roster Wrestlers Going To NXT

Triple H was recently on a conference call where he talked about various aspects of NXT UK. One of the things that he asked about was whether main roster guys would ever wrestle in NXT UK.

Triple H said that he saw the opportunity of Cesaro and Drew McIntyre among others, wrestling in NXT UK.

“Yeah, I think that the opportunity, you know, when we see guys like Drew McIntytre talking about a brand it’s because that’s brand is hot. If they want to be a part of it it’s not because they want to go and spend an off day there, they’re busy enough. So when a guy like Drew McIntyre says, “I see the UK, I see it on fire, I want to go over there and step in the ring with people like Walter.” If his schedule permits and he has the ability, I’d love to make it happen. We’ve seen that this weekend with Cesaro. He watches the scene very carefully and his desire to want to come over to Cardiff and see and feel that crowd is important to him. I know he’s said that he’s looking forward to testing out the UK and see what they have first-hand, which would mean he’s going to get physical I would imagine.”

Triple H

Triple H also revealed that the NXT and NXT UK rosters would be more fluid and wrestlers from both brand would be available on their opposite number.

“I think the letters in the front of it say everything about it; I believe there is a banner of NXT sort of an oversight of the brand that permeates broth the brand you see in the UK and in the UK. I think you’ll see that resonate in other markets around the world. As you see, in the US, NXT making the shift over to the USA Network, the different platform here in the middle of September and moving forward, up to two hours every week.”

Triple H

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