Triple H On The King Of The Ring Tournament

With the King of the Ring taking place soon, Triple H talked about which Superstars he felt could win the entire historic tournament at Clash of Champions.

He said that there were monsters in the lineup, but there were other Superstars all with equal chances of winning the tournament.

“It’s a funny thing when you look at this year’s tournament, the lineup, there are a lot of guys where you would think, ‘These are definitely front-runners. Drew McIntyre, Samoa Joe, guys that are kind of destroyers, so to speak, but sometimes it’s more endurance based, it’s not one match, you move on and you’re done with it. It’s multiple matches, against top guys, so, sometimes having that endurance to last, to withstand an injury, to come out of one match not at one-hundred percent and still carry on. That might favor guys like Buddy Murphy or Cedric Alexander. This is really one of those interesting tournaments when you start to lineup the names of people in it, Andrade, people like that. I could make half a list of people in there and say, ‘These are favorites.’ That is what will make this so interesting, you really cannot tell. When you get to the end there will be so many factors involved in this that you can’t tell who will be the King of the Ring.”

Triple H

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