Trish Stratus Not Done Wrestling?

Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda is reporting that Trish Stratus might not be done with WWE yet. Trish became one of the biggest names on the SummerSlam match card earlier when she came back to face Charlotte for her ‘one last match’.

At SummerSlam she put on an amazing show, defying all expectations, as her match with Charlotte was one of the best on the card. However, there appears to be a problem when there is talk about one more match for Trish Stratus.

Apparently, the Superstar from Toronto wanted to wrestle Alexa Bliss in a singles match last year at Evolution. However, and injury to Bliss saw that match not take place. Instead, both women talk about the match all the time and they want to make it happen. Right now, it is not known, when, or if at all, it will happen. However, one thing is sure, that a match with Bliss is something that is on Stratus’ list and she is eager to face her when the time comes once again, having become eager to wrestle again.

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