Update On WWE’s Commentary Situation

There has been a lot of emphasis on WWE’s plans to sell SmackDown as a legitimate sport. This plan includes using a legitimate analytic show which will analyze the fights in a more realistic way. The host for this show is expected to be Renee Young, who will leave her commentary duties on Raw and move to SmackDown.

PWInsider reports that the show will be called WWE Backstage, contrary to the beliefs that Talking Smack would make a return. Along with that, Cathy Kelley will be helping out with the show and will split her time between NXT in Orlando and Fox in Los Angeles.

With Young leaving for an analytical position and Michael Cole reportedly being eased out of television, WWE will need two commentators for both their shows. While Young heads to Fox, Corey Graves is expected to go to SmackDown too. This leaves the Raw bench empty, but not for long.

WrestleVotes says that Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin will be the new commentary duo for Raw. This leaves us to speculate that Corey Graves will probably join Tom Phillips on SmackDown with Cole moving to a backstage role.   

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