Video: Becky Lynch Calls Out Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were friends back in the day and belonged to the faction of the Four Horsewomen of WWE. However, now there seems to be no love lost between Lynch and Sasha Banks. She talked about Banks’ inability to accept the fact that she had lost and compared her to Ronda Rousey.

“If Sasha Banks could hack it and she didn’t just get her jacket – she’s off crying like Ronda Rousey – then I would love to face her. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t take losing. She lost the Tag Team Championship and she was gone. Some people can’t hack losing, they can’t step up. They can’t realize that when you lose, it’s just a chance to get better, it’s a chance to learn, it’s a chance to grow.”

Becky Lynch

There is speculation that Banks could be returning soon, and if she does so, a feud with Becky appears to be on the cards.

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