Vince McMahon Giving Up Control Of WWE?

Vince McMahon is set to slowly let go of his controlling position in WWE. Other than the fact that with NXT being a 2 hour television show now, him being 73 years old means that there is way too much work for him to be working on.

He was already absent from this week’s episode of WWE RAW and SmackDown due to his commitments with XFL.

“Vince doesn’t want to step away, he doesn’t want to let go, but it’s the right move. He’s got a great team and he has a lot of faith in them.”

Tom Colohue

At the moment, despite not wanting to step away, Vince McMahon has to, due to all the commitments that he has.

According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, Vince McMahon is going to step back slowly and let his team take over.

“Actually Vince is just going to run the #XFL and have general oversight of decision making from the three showrunners he has already selected.#Raw has Paul Heyman.#SDLive has Eric Bischoff.#NXT has Triple H.#WWE will be fine without Vince McMahon.”

Tom Colohue

There were rumors that Vince McMahon was going to get more involved with NXT. However, that is not the case and nothing will change with the running of the show other than the fact that it will be 2 hours and live instead of the usual 1 hour.

The booking team is remaining the same and the quality of the product that is put out on a regular basis is also expected to remain the same.

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