Watch Enzo Amore Fight With Joey Janela

Neither Enzo Amore, nor Joey Janela are Superstars who steer away from controversy. The two apparently got into a real fist fight at a Blink 182 concert in New Jersey.

Enzo tweeted at him afterwards saying that he had mistaken Janela for a fan when he first introduced himself, but he had slapped Janela’s hand upon realizing who he was.

“Where was that energy at? We aint friends @JANELABABY Dont introduce urself to me f**kboy I thought u were a fan hahaha the second I realized it was u I slapped ya bitchass hands down & walked @ u w/ MY HANDS UP YA FUCKIN RAN BACKWARDS & told my homey to film it 🤣🤣🤣 soft af”

Enzo Amore

Janela posted the context confirming he had approached Enzo to introduce himself  and said that they had the ‘sh**tiest fist fight of the year’.

“Not a work, So i saw the dude and walked up and said “Hi I’m Joey Janela” at the blink 182 show and we proceeded to have (I’m not lennox lewis) to have the shittiest fist fight of the year, I’m not a pussy but we had fun!”

Joey Janela

Enzo replied by saying that Janela had walked away from Enzo when he had tried to approach him.

“Boy we didn’t have the sh**tiest fist fight of the year, I slapped ur f***in hands down and walked at u with mine up and u walked away and let me know all that Shit u talk IS A WORK… which is fine if I were a wrestler.”

Enzo Amore

Check out rest of their exchange below!

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