Watch: Lacey Evans Call Out The Nasties

The Lady of the WWE, is in the midst of an in-ring career that spans less than ten years, she is now a part of the WWE’s main roster. She has had multiple opportunities to win the RAW women’s championship, but she has failed so far. Evans hasn’t been seen on WWE TV lately, but that doesn’t mean she has been quiet. Evans took to Instagram to call out the nasties for their lack of motivation and etiquette. Check out the funny videos below!

Nasties….. Lost individuals who lack motivation and proper etiquette. People who need role models like me to fix what they have so badly messed up in their pitiful lives. Meet and Greets help me do just that💅👒#NoMoreNasties #LadyOfWWE #RoleModel #PrimeExample #LimitlessLady #SassySouthernBelle

Lacey Evans via Instagram

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