Watch: Maria Kanellis Embarrass Her Husband

The first hour of Raw was full of 24/7 Championship shenanigans, which is odd because they usually reserve this for the second hour to keep viewers reeled in. Well, they started triumphantly with R Truth and Drake Maverick, facing each other in a mixed tag match with Carmella on Truth’s side and Renee Michelle on Maverick’s side. This was a lumberjack match with other 24/7 title hopefuls around the ring. Chaos broke after R-Truth pinned Maverick to remain champion.

After Truth’s victory, the ring was stormed by all the lumberjacks trying to beat Truth. Mike Kanellis emerged the unlikely winner and escaped with the help of Maria Kanellis. However, Maria then forced Mike to lay down so that she could pin him and thus become 24/7 Champion. Her pregnancy means that she expects no one to attack her, and she left the evening with the championship. The Kanelliss’ are gathering steam and Maria will entice a lot of viewers back with her shtick in particular. The 24/7 Championship is Golden.

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