Watch: Sami Zayn Curses At Fans & Almost Jumped Into The Crowd

The Critic of Critics is one of the most annoying heels, so it is safe to say that Sami Zayn is doing his job perfectly. Zayn returned to WWE on the RAW after WrestleMania 35 and lost to Finn Balor. It feels like every time Zayn wrestles he picks up the loss, which means we probably won’t be seeing him winning a championship anytime soon.

During this week’s episode of RAW, Sami Zayn faced Cedric Alexander in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. Cedric Alexander picked up the win and Zayn absolutely lost it. WWE posted a video of Sami Zayn going berserk after his loss. Zayn was seen cursing at fans and was about to jump into the crowd. WWE officials ended up escorting Zayn to the back. Check out Sami Zayn absolutely losing it in the video below!

1 thought on “Watch: Sami Zayn Curses At Fans & Almost Jumped Into The Crowd

  1. His Royal Majesty Sami Zayn (et al) is unable 2 win any position of envy bcos he is not championship material.
    WWE has him only 4 target practice n filling-in-blanks. After all the public has 2 be given their entertainment. Heheheheh n sorry. Salams

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