Why Chris Jericho Beat Hangman Page at All Out?

All Elite Wrestling may have had a number of shows since Double or Nothing in May, but this was the big show that they were building up to. Despite Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen being respectably solid shows, everyone was looking towards All Out for AEW to truly establish themselves as a big competitor to the WWE. Well, they have set the tone for their programming from here on out. We have the match for the first ever Women’s Championship ready, as Riho and Nyla Rose will face each other on the debut of AEW on TNT. The tag division excelled in their matches, but most importantly, there is a brand new AEW World Champion. Chris Jericho and Adam Page faced off in the main event of the show to crown the first ever AEW World Champion, a match where the older and more established Jericho beat the younger Adam Hangman Page in a bit of a surprise result. (Click here to watch video)

Chris Jericho earned the right to fight for the All Elite Wrestling World Championship after he beat Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing in May, the same show where Hangman Page won the Casino Battle Royale to earn his shot at the title. With a relatively passive build for this match, this match was still one of the most hyped matches on the card. The match surely delivered inside the ring, and some would say performed a little over the expectations. It was a good match considering both men aren’t elite workers. The big spots delivered and the crowd investment was there. Jericho pinned Page after the Judas Effect and went on to hold the championship aloft while Page look stunned.

This move wasn’t something I necessarily expected, but it does make sense. While you can set the tone for your company by crowning the young face in Page, it makes sense as to why the older heel went over. Jericho as champion means that his legacy name will attract viewers for their first show on TNT. Not only that, the best babyface stories are where the face first has to experience failure before he can be triumphant and win the big one. Maybe the story is better saved for a show after they debut on TV, so that they can build a more sympathetic character for Page who has to rebound from a major setback. The money is in the chase, and that is exactly what Page will have to do. With other top stars like PAC, Jon Moxley and perhaps even Cody in the race for the championship now, Page’s story can become something that the crowds have to buy into rather than see him be crowned as champion his first time out.

Do you agree with us? Should Page win the title in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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